What is Aftercare in a JJM Setting?

Creating systems and structure for sustained relationships to help youth successfully re-enter their communities and raise up lifelong followers of Jesus.

Why is Aftercare a focal point in JJM?

We have an incredible opportunity to meet youth in the middle of crises and see Christ transform their hearts and lives, but what happens when they are released? How do we work together with other YFC ministries models, the local church, and other like-minded partners with all the restrictions and challenges of working with previously incarcerated youth?

We want to be about lifelong followers of Christ who change their generational habits and start to impact their communities with a life transformed by the Gospel. 

"...working with the local church and other like-minded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus..."

What is JJM's Strategy for Aftercare?

When youth are transitioning to a residential or home setting; it is the key time to be available and intentional in helping them succeed in their re-entry. 

  • Asses the needs of the individual youth. (Who are the adults in their life? What is their home life or residential setting look like? Is there a loving, consistent person involved in their transition?)
  • Recognize the current state/county services around the youth. (Probation/Parole Officer, Guardian ad Litem, Professional Counseling, etc.)
  • Recognize the faith-based services available to the youth. (Local church, partnering faith-based nonprofits - Campus Life, City Life, Young Life, Mentoring Programs, etc.) 

If you are interested in becoming a YFC mentor for a young person in your area, please fill out the following and a JJM Director will connect with you. 

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