One of our five essentials as a ministry team is to empower other adults and students to help us carry out the ministry to young people.  We are committed to growing our ministry leader teams at each of our ministry sites.  If we are committed to reaching every high school student in the Peoria Area then we know that this involves inviting, training, and unleashing many more adults and students to join us in our mission.  We are excited to see God use more and more hearts and hands to point students to our amazing Savior. 


Ryan Anderson | Richwoods Campus Life

Eli Beltran | Ambasador to Teens

Jarrod Briggs |  Resources

Meg Byrne | IVC Middle School

Rick Byrne | IVC Campus Life/Ministry Director

Chris Genders | Metamora Center

CJ Fisher | Juvenile Justice Director


Dan Learned | Executive Director

Jay Pearson | City Life Coordinator

Justin Rauh | Metamora Campus Life

Christi Ringel | Administrative Assistant

Jeff Ringenberg | Operations

Karen Snyder | Bookkeeper

Caiti Svymbersky | Limestone Campus Life


Dan Ballard | Metamora High School

Dave Bland | Pearl Companies

Cam Parr | Country Companies

Sue Parr | Nurse

Rick Rauh | Retired - MTCO Communications