Wear a hole in it…

I was at a conference in Denver in January.  There was a young man leading worship music. His guitar had a hole worn through it (pictured above). I thought it was so interesting that I asked him about the guitar.  He said he saved up for it for a long time until he could finally afford it.  Then, he used that guitar to worship God. Over and over and over he played it - until there was a hole worn through it. Then, he kept playing.  You see, playing music is his God-given gift - and he is using that gift until he wears a hole in his expensive guitar.  

That is what God calls us to do - wear a hole in it.  If loving is your gift, love until you wear a hole in it - then love some more. If leading is your gift, lead until you wear a hole in it, then lead some more. If giving financially is your gift, give until you wear a hole in it - then give some more. 

On March 8th, nearly 150 Limestone Campus Life friends came together for a meal and an update on the ministry for our BEYOND Banquet.  It was an amazing night of fun and fellowship.  If you weren’t there, we missed you!

We heard how God is moving in the lives of teens and we challenged everyone in attendance to go BEYOND with their gifts.  2 Timothy 1:7 says, “God doesn’t want us to be shy with our gifts, but bold and loving.” While this banquet was a success - we are not done! Let’s go BEYOND.