We Just Sat There...

I picked Josh up for lunch one Saturday. On our way, we went by the thrift store and by his work to check the schedule. We talked about his classes and extracurriculars. We reminisced about the first time he came to Campus Life. His friend just picked him up and didn’t really say what they were doing.

Lunch was great too. We got to talk about all the things we could do to make Campus Life a better place and how to get more students like him there.

But when we got to his driveway, we just sat there. He didn’t get out of the car. Our conversation continued for the next half hour about the more difficult things in his life. "Things haven’t been normal for a few years." Josh was able to share a few of the harder things he and his family are facing.

What I heard from Josh was pretty serious and I couldn’t help but think high school students shouldn’t have to worry about the things he is worried about. But I’m glad Josh got it out. I’m glad he knows his YFC leaders are a safe place to share.

There are thousands of students at Pekin and I know many of them have stories like Josh’s. It seems impossible to be able to reach a substantial portion of them. But we’re continuing to work with the dozen’s God has brought to us.

Continue to pray for us leaders and the student’s we work with. We want to keep encouraging them through their hard situations and point them towards a Savior who loves them.