We've Grown Up

Hi! I’m Mallory and I’m Brady. Not only are we cousins, but best friends too. We are both juniors at Pekin High and have been going to Campus Life since our freshmen year. I guess you could say we have grown up with Campus Life. 

Campus Life is something we look forward to every Monday night and not in an obligated way. Whether it's a tiny hayrack ride, playing 9 Square in the Air, eating PopTarts hanging from a string without hands, flashlight tag or just standing around talking, there’s always something fun and exciting to do that brings us closer to our friends. Being a part of Campus Life has given us the opportunity to know so many different people at our school we would not have known otherwise. You won’t find many other groups where they have this much fun, make so many friends, AND get to learn and talk about Jesus.

And that’s the other thing. Campus Life is more than friends, laughing, and doing crazy stuff.  Every week we have a discussion about a different topic, like conformity or gossip and it helps give us a higher perspective on the way we view life. Our adult ministry leaders take the time to share stories from what they’ve learned in life, all while pointing us to Jesus. It really helps us get through our every-day high school struggles. They are never too busy for us.

So thanks for your part in making Campus Life happen.   We really don’t know where we would be without it.

Every Monday before Campus Life our leader team sits down for a meal together. If you’d like to bring us a meal or send dinner for us, we’d love to eat whatever you send our way. We’re not picky and it would be great if you stayed to eat with us too. To bring us a meal visit pekincl.com/meal or call Jarrod!