Alex and Jake exchange many text messages throughout the week. They talk about their days and what they had for lunch. Every Monday Jake sends an ‘On My Way’ text after our leader dinner then heads down the road to pick him up for Campus Life.  They usually they just listen to music and talk about sports. He knows Alex has had a painful past, but has never had the privilege to know the details. But tonight the ride was something different.

Alex began to talk about his years living at the residential treatment center, and his recent move to a new foster home. He talked about how at school he felt like the only person who had been through something like that. Some days Alex just didn't think he fit in.

"Hey, that was me too." His ministry leader shared. "I lived in a place like that, and I was in foster care too."

Not much more was said about their similar experiences that night, but this ministry leader will tell you it was the moment their real relationship began. In the weeks that followed, he heard from Alex more and the car rides have now turned to weekly discussions about what's happening in Alex's life.

Please take a moment to pray right now for Alex and his ministry leader as they spend those precious minutes in the car each week. Thanks again for your generous financial partnership which keeps us pointing hurting teens towards Jesus.