Come Swing with Me

As the season warms and the sun stays out a little longer at night, we find ourselves spending more outside during Campus Life. Instead of racing towards the door, students show up and spend their time on the lawn. A few weeks ago, one student says to another: hey, come swing with me.

I took notice of this tiny gesture and weeks later it still has me thinking. It was kind, it was nice, it was love shown to a student who seldom feels like he fits in.  Usually I can tell stories about leaders reaching out students, but this is different.  This was an upperclassmen who noticed a student who spends a lot of time wonder why they don’t fit in.  This still has me welled up with pride.

It reminds of the way Jesus noticed Zacchues.  It reminds me of love shown to us from God, “even while we sinners.”  It reminds me of exactly why we dedicated our lives to this ministry, of raising up life long followers of Jesus.

Please take a moment to pray right now for these two students; for the one who noticed and the one who notices.  Pray they will continue to grow Jesus, and we as leaders will know how to encourage them along their way.