camp, camp, camp!

Well, it is right around the corner…!  For the second year in a row we are going to Carolina Point, NC, for a crazy-fun and amazing week at YFC Camp!  Such a highlight of the ministry year for City Life.  Last year we were able to take 40+ people to camp from the inner city and this year we are hoping to bring even more 1st timers to this potentially life changing week in the Appalachian Mountains.

Our City Life leaders have been in the process of getting our students ready as well as helping everyone fundraise the $475/each to go to camp.  Car Washes, gardening, volunteering for the Park District, bagging groceries, lawn care, and the Midwest Food Bank are some of the ways that these amazing students are earning their way to participate in camp.  Fundraising has been going well, however it is a daunting challenge for many students in our ministry to come up with the financial resources to experience camp.  So the question is this:  Would you be willing to help a City Life Student get there?  If you already give to City Life/YFC, THANK YOU.  We’d love it if this would be in addition to what you already give.  If you don't give already and are looking for a specific need, well, what an opportunity to help a specific student have an experience like camp offers!!!  Please prayerfully consider how you could be a part.

Another week long ministry opportunity that 9 students + 2 leaders will be taking part in, is called Mission Peoria!  This “at home” mission experience will challenge our students to take the next step in their journey of faith and hopefully we will get to watch God move in and through them in some new ways!  

God has been moving this summer throughout our small group and large group gatherings.  And as we are now a little more than half way through the summer we invite you to continue to ask God to keep moving and rocking our lives with His grace and truth.  

What is City Life?

City Life is an effective ministry model to transform the lives of urban youth, their families and the communities that they live in. The City Life model provides a strategic way to pursue every young person in urban communities all over the USA.