Grass, Bar Crawls & Girls



WOW. That sounds like the life of young Jay Pearson!!! My daily focus was all wrong when I was listening to my flesh and dating this fallen world. Curiously in the beautiful summer of 2015 these things are part of my daily focus again! Please relax and let me explain. 

With many YFC Camp fundraisers, relationship building times, and awesome small groups, our City Life days are filled with things you might question at 1st glance. Grass cutting is an awesome chance to teach young men safety first, save some money, reach your goals, and even how to cut grass. If your family has never owned a home you may not know how to use a lawnmower. Our annual Ice Cream Bar Crawl is one of the best times to just be silly and make ourselves sick, trying to eat as much ice cream as we can! We travel to 6-7 different ice cream shops and laugh, burp, and take pictures at every stop of the journey! On a less fattening note, we are leading male & female small groups that are focused on strengthening relationships and spending quality time in the Word of God. Every Thursday these groups play and study together with great leaders by their side.

God’s Word says “Work while it is light”, “Break bread together” , and “the older men and women teach the younger men and women”.  We are focusing on that daily, with the cry of Psalm 34:8 

“Taste and see that the Lord is good. How happy is the man who takes refuge in Him!” 

What is City Life?

City Life is an effective ministry model to transform the lives of urban youth, their families and the communities that they live in. The City Life model provides a strategic way to pursue every young person in urban communities all over the USA.