It’s over. Done. Now, let’s look ahead …

2014-15 ministry is “in the books”

2014-15 ministry is “in the books”

Did you know our year just ended?  YFC’s year ran July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015. I know, I know … the New Year started on January 1st. Well … because YFC ministry is tied to school cycles, we stay with school calendars. Here are some notes on the year that just ended:

  • 10 Ministry Sites
  • 10 Full-time Staff / 7 Part-time Staff / 4 Interns / 78 Ministry Leaders      
  • 985 teens involved / 451 are in a name-face-heart relationship with a YFC Leader
  • 42 teens received Jesus
  • We finished 9% behind, on an $830,000 budget.

We watched 42 teens consider Jesus’ love, wrestle with His claims, and receive His offer of adoption. Let’s celebrate! Along with 42 new Christians, several hundred more teens grew deeply in disciple-making. 

With summer at the midpoint, and autumn not far off, please consider your investment of money, prayer and time in local teens. We seek partnership in these areas:

  • Money … 25 more friends at $25 per month, 25 at $50 per month, and 25 at $100/month. Is this you?
  • Prayer … we seek folks who would commit to praying every week for lost teens. Is this you?
  • Time … we seek more Christian adults who will spend time with lost teens. Is this you?

Last year was good.  We’re working hard so that this year will be even better! Are You in?

Thanks for your partnership. It’s a BIG DEAL!!

Ok, I get it … tell me more

Well, it’s as simple as I mentioned above. We had a strong year of ministry in 2014-15. Now that 2015-16 has begun, we are poised to reach more teens. We need funding growth, prayer support growth and more Christian adults investing time, face-to-face with teens.  

Are you in?   Please let me know how below …