Let the countdown begin!

Jump Right In...

Jump Right In...

The countdown to YFC Camp has reached the point where we are less than two weeks from boarding buses and heading south! Students are excited, leaders are excited, and God is already at work changing the hearts and lives of those who show up at YFC Camp.

We are bringing 175 students and leaders from the Peoria area to Brevard, NC for a life-changing week. Once again, we have more students than ever before coming to camp. God is truly amazing.

Aside from zip-lining through the woods for three quarters of a mile, blobbing into a beautiful lake, and climbing to the top of an incredible mountain, students will hear about the redeeming love of Jesus and the plan He has for their life. This is good news. Oh yeah, and that is just high school camp. We’re also taking a crew of middle school students to SunStream Camp in Iowa for a similar week away.  

Will you pray for us? Leaders and students need your prayers. This is an emotionally heavy week where fears and scars from the past resurface - but the amazing thing is it’s also a week where those scars are healed by the overwhelming love of Christ.

God loves each student stepping into those buses and vans more than they could possibly imagine. Thank you for loving them as well.

We’re not done yet!

We have spent the summer raising money to help send students to camp who can’t afford it. We still have gaps that need filled to fully fund this trip. Would you consider giving a special gift to help us fill in some of those gaps. Your gift could mean a lifetime of difference for a student who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend YFC Camp. Thanks!