Summer is flying by...

I love watermelon...

I love watermelon...

We have been blessed with families who open up their homes to host Campus Life every week. Summer events would be extremely difficult without their partnership. Not only are families getting involved, but three college students have joined our team to pour into Eureka teens.

Because of the growth from last semester and this summer, students and leaders have the opportunity to journey to YFC Camp in North Carolina. We have eager leaders who are giving their final weeks of summer to invest time with Eureka students. 

Last month several Eureka students served at the annual YFC Peoria Golf outing to raise money for camp. This allowed students to meet people in the surrounding communities that support Campus Life and YFC Camp.

Whether Campus Life is on a golf course or at a home, it’s far more than a few students gathering. God is reaching an entire community. As our leadersshare the powerful love of Christ with students, the students share Christ’s love and impact to their brothers, sisters, parents, coaches and friends. 

It’s amazing how God can use even one student to impact many others who experience the light and love that God has placed in Campus Life.

Thank you for your love and prayers. Please continue to walk with us as God faithfully transforms the lives of students and families.

If you would like to see Campus Life, please visit us any Monday night from 7:00-9:30. Please contact me at [309-258-6188] I would be thrilled if you came. - Taylor