This is a Campus Life leader?

Catching Bridgette at IVC

Catching Bridgette at IVC


Meet Bridgette Lynch, Assistant Principal at IVC high school, leader at IVC Campus Life, and one of our cabin leaders at YFC Camp at Carolina Point in two weeks!  

The reason I became involved (and the reason I stay involved) with Campus Life is simple - the kids! I see these students everyday in the hallways at school, and to see them coming to Campus Life on Monday nights is such a gratifying experience. They come as they are, often encouraging friends to come as well. The environment is accepting, caring, and full of energy (a lot of energy). The students come for the food, games, and their friends but they become hooked on the messages, listening intently as the leaders share stories of God’s work. It is truly awesome to see the relationships these students develop with the leaders and how they grow in their faith. 

My husband, Matt, and I have loved becoming a part of the Campus Life family. We started coming on Monday nights a couple of years ago, just getting a feel for what Campus Life was all about. It didn’t take long before we were committed. We treasure our time on Monday nights - even when our schedules are crazy. When I accepted a new position in the school district, I quickly made sure I was still able to participate in Campus Life. Matt and I now discuss how we can continue to stay involved with Campus Life long-term, and see it as a priority in our lives. 

In a few weeks I will be going to Carolina Point with our students at YFC Camp. I could not be more excited to spend this time with these kids and be there as they grow in their walk with Christ.

Bridgette Lynch

We’re not done yet!

We have spent the summer raising money to help send students to camp who can’t afford it. We still have gaps that need filled to fully fund this trip. Would you consider giving a special gift to help us fill in some of those gaps. Your gift could mean a lifetime of difference for a student who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend YFC Camp.  Thanks!