Dear God, I'm Scared...

Pray for Peoria Juvenile Dept

Pray for Peoria Juvenile Dept

I really appreciate these words. They are from a student putting himself out there and admitting to God his true feelings. Many students put up a tough front and a “hard” exterior. When they are willing to be real with God, it allows God to speak truth into their life. 

Recently we have been exchanging letters from several students who have been transferred to other facilities, but they wish to stay in contact and continue discussions about God through letters. Praise God! We need extra prayer for God to send more workers to the field so we can flood the jail system with the love and hope that comes with a personal relationship with God. 

Please take a moment to pray for “Jon and Mike”. One does not have personal relationship with God, but has been open to talking about it. The other student has had a past relationship with God but just has made life choices based on what he wants. Currently he is looking at several months in the Department of Corrections. 

Some of our major needs: Please pray about your involvement. 

  1. More Ministry Leaders to help meet with students.
  2. Bible Study Leaders for the Youth Farm
  3. Fridayand Saturday afternoon Ministry Leaders
  4. Mentors for a mentoring/aftercare program
  5. Monthly funding for Juvenile Justice.


I’m guilty of not asking God to provide for the ministry. I find that the more I pray for support and leaders for the ministry the more I feel God saying its about time you asked for help! So not only an I asking God but I’m asking YOU! We need to build up several areas of Juvenile Justice Ministry. Please contact me so we can talk about different ways you can get involved in the ministry.