Only the Beginning

Smile if you love CL!

Smile if you love CL!

The summer has come to a close and the school year is here. At Campus Life, we are excited for what God has done.  Get this… In the last month and a half, 12 students involved in Campus Life in the Limestone area have given their lives to Christ.  TWELVE STUDENTS have made life-altering decisions in the last 45 days!  

Here’s the thing though… I am convinced this is only the beginning of what God is going to do this year through Campus Life. Before kick off we had a “work night” at the Rocket Room where we have club on Mondays. After the work was finished and all of the students had left, one student was still hanging around. He came to me with a question and a piece of paper in hand- the paper was one we use for leaders with a ‘statement of faith’ on it. 

Simple truths about God were written on the paper, but the student told me he just wasn’t sure about some of these statements. We sat down and talked through each of them. Thirty minutes later, we had talked through the Gospel and God’s amazing love for him. Aaron gave his life to Christ that night.

It’s just the beginning. God is moving. You are a part of this. Thanks for giving, praying, and being an advocate for this ministry. Don’t stop- step in, step up. God is using you, I promise. 


The way I see it, you are one of these three things, at least when it comes to Campus Life. I’m so glad you’re involved, but I’m asking you to step up! If you are donor, become a friend. Call me up and let’s get lunch. If you’re a friend, share the story. Tell those in your life about Campus Life and see if they would like to start being a donor.