We Are Back

Life is Good

Life is Good

The beginning of August Eureka Campus Life ventured to North Carolina to take part in Project Serve. Leaders and students served long hours making meals, landscaping, life guarding, and cleaning. All for a greater purpose so hundreds of students could enjoy the fun and craziness of a full week designed to point them towards Jesus.

Maggie has become a powerful and influential servant leader at Campus Life each week. But at camp she was placed to serve in the kitchen for a full nine hour shift each day, every day. During this time Maggie said she was frustrated with not being able to impact students directly. But slowly as the week rolled on, she saw how God was using all the behind the scene servers to provide space for other people to minister directly with students. 

Each week leaders like Maggie open up their lives and relate to students, so that they can start building a relationship with God.  It is because of Christ’s model of servant leadership that Campus Life leaders are able to lead both directly and indirectly each week.

Thanks for your love and support. This is only the beginning of what is to come. 

Want to get more involved?

Campus Life wants to include the community in what happens each Monday Night. If you have an idea or would like to know more about Campus Life, please call or email me.