Where Everything Changes

Top of the mountain

Like a good neighbor, what’s in your wallet, I’m lovin’ it...catchy slogans and all memorable, but are they all true? We say YFC Camp; Where everything changes...

We pay a high price to take students to YFC Camp and I believe God uses it. But instead of me telling you that our slogan is more than words, I'd like you to hear from students who worked hard all summer to be able to go.

I’ve realized it’s not always about me and when I’m not always making it about me I can focus on helping and caring for my friends.

I’m not hanging around bad friends as much.

A change for me is that I just think about God more, I feel connected closer and that I actually have a relationship vs Him just existing! Things have kinda gotten worse just because family things but I've been trying to see the positives.

My relationship with Christ hasn't been growing like it should so I need to work on it and keep up with it.

Please take a moment to pray right now for these students and that the seeds God planted would grow. We know that change can be good, bad, difficult, easy...but we know God is faithful through it all. Pray these students begin to learn this and can point back to YFC Camp 2015 as when it all began to change...