Why is YFC Camp important? Some IVC student reflections…nuf said!

Looking Good for Formal Night

Looking Good for Formal Night

Student #1 - This was my first YFC camp and I didn’t know what to expect or how it was going to change my life. The message was about the mess in our lives. I was going through this fog of emotions and I had just started to shut down. One evening our speaker, Gabe, said “If you can not get yourself out of your own mess, God will come into your mess and love you out of it.” I realized that God giving me the opportunity to go to camp this year was him surrounding me with people that would help me through this rough patch of life. This week was truly life changing for me and I am so glad that I went to camp this year.

Student #2 - Going into camp, I was looking for a good time and to hopefully connect with God on a level I've never experienced before. Camp was one of the best weeks of my life! I got a deeper relationship with God! Now I attend church on a weekly basis. I’ve had some difficult moral decisions since camp, but I know I’m not alone anymore. God has filled holes in my life that I didn’t even know were there. Camp was an unforgettable experience that I'm ready to relive next year, but also a window of opportunity to experience God in a whole new way! 

Student #3 - While I was at camp I felt spiritually invincible, but the camp experience doesn't easily follow you back home.  As soon as I boarded the bus everything from the outside world came back. The first text I got when I turned my phone on came from someone I hadn’t spoken to in months and my pre-camp world came rushing back at me. But the post-camp difference is knowing that I have God by my side to help me through every decision and trial!  

Student #4 - I've been involved in Campus Life and occasionally went to church but never took the idea of God seriously. I went to camp last year and didn't get much out of it. This year I was expecting the same, I even had my best friends coming, the ones I got in trouble with at home. My whole world got rocked by God as I realized my decisions weren't for Him, they were for me. My friends and I wanted to change that. Since back home, there's still those past temptations, but I've turned away. I’m talking to God every day and it’s like talking with a family member or friend. I can honestly say that at camp, God came into my life in full force and changed everything. I now understand why it's called YFC camp, where everything changes :)