Fun Meets Mission

Driving already...

Driving already...

We had a CORE TEAM meeting last Wednesday that captured our heart at Metamora Campus Life. We spent half the meeting laughing uncontrollably and the other half talking about how we can reach more students for the name of Jesus.

The laughter originated from a new plan on how we will greet students on Monday nights as they arrive. The plan was to use an app that changes your name to a gangster name. A student will come in, give their name, and then receive a name tag with their gangster name on it. Turns out my gangster name is No-Pants Indian. Who knew? Next week will be viking names!

After we laughed our pants off for a while, we dug into a different aspect of our mission. How can we as a team refocus our hearts and minds to reach more students with the love of Jesus this semester? What students are we reaching? What students are we missing? Are we investing well in the students that are part of Campus Life? How can we bring new life in the dead of winter?

So as you pray for us pray for these things. Pray that through things like laughter and fake names we can reach more students with the love of Jesus.

                -Josh (aka No-Pants Indian)

As 2015 ended, we told all who would listen, “YFC finances are behind”. We prayed and we asked for a generous December. And Then … It Happened. People gave a bunch. We finished our 1/2-year budget of $485,000 ahead by 2%. Thank You Friends. Thank You Jesus! We hope you will continue generously, because Jan-March income is typically lower than the rest of the year. Wow. That was big. Happy New Year!!!

- Dan L