In 2016, I plan to...

Family Picture

Family Picture

A friend at our health club told me he hates January because the place fills up with “New Year’s Resolution People”. Then with satisfaction he told me, “by February it’s back to normal.” How sad.

Our team did some review of 2015 and commented on these words … “I learned. I experienced. I celebrate. I want to say.” That exercise helped me see God’s continued faithfulness, as well as pause to reflect on how hard life is for some.

Last year, more than ever, I realized the ups & downs of teen ministry. Every household has challenges. Some are crushing. Some are minor. Others are shameful to the point of desperation, and even suicide. All struggle. Our efforts to put “loving Christian adults into authentic Christ-sharing relationships with lost teens” means our team is deep in the midst of some huge messes. Messes that steal hope, unless the light of Jesus Christ arrives.

In the midst of these messes, our Staff and Ministry Leaders aren’t usually convinced that “they have what it takes”. We often feel inadequate to walk with teens in difficult places. In our heads, we know that Jesus is the answer, but in our actions, we can get to thinking, that we must be the answer. Pray we’ll grow deeper in Him.

Here’s our 1st 6 months financials - July 1 to Dec 31:

     - Expenses (Budgeted/Actual)    $486,253 / $491,184

     - Income (Budgeted/Actual)    $485,000 / $496,514

I am profoundly amazed and deeply thankful for the remarkable generosity of many many people. Please keep praying and investing. We are beginning to build Bloomington/Normal YFC ministry. Thank YOU!!!

As 2015 ended, we told all who would listen, “YFC finances are behind”. We prayed and we asked for a generous December. And Then … It Happened. People gave a bunch. We finished our 1/2-year budget of $485,000 ahead by 2%. Thank You Friends. Thank You Jesus! We hope you will continue generously, because Jan-March income is typically lower than the rest of the year. Wow. That was big. Happy New Year!!!