Wish I Had Good News... Pray

Sharing truth with students

Sharing truth with students

God has been moving in some great ways, however, today I come to you with a sad heart. Many times when we meet with students outside the detention center, they are faced with life choices. Sometime our students choose to continue to trust God, and other times they decide to do what they think is best.  Please be praying for one of our students that we have been mentoring. 

Susan* has been meeting with our ministry on a regular basis. She was plugged into a small group, going to church, has a relatively healthy family, and has been pursuing a job. Despite “turning” her life around, she tried to end her life recently and in the process of getting help, she assaulted a police officer. 

Please take a moment “right now” to pray for Susan, and others in similar situations. Our ministry is a tough ministry with ups and downs. As we continue to press forward, we would greatly appreciate your prayer for our leaders, students, parents, and the staff at these institutions.


Some of our immediate needs: 

  1. Prayer!
  2. Leaders for McLean County JJM 
  3. New or increased monthly funding of $25 or more
  4. New church partnerships in McLean County
  5. Leaders for Peoria JJM 


- CJ Fisher

As 2015 ended, we told all who would listen, “YFC finances are behind”. We prayed and we asked for a generous December. And Then … It Happened. People gave a bunch. We finished our 1/2-year budget of $485,000 ahead by 2%. Thank You Friends. Thank You Jesus! We hope you will continue generously, because Jan-March income is typically lower than the rest of the year. Wow. That was big. Happy New Year!!!

- Dan L