Impact the Kingdom, One Life at a Time

Some past and current YFC Campers

Some past and current YFC Campers

This is a bittersweet time of the year for me.  We get to celebrate the senior class but it is also when we say goodbye to their involvement with IVC Campus Life as high school students. Whether it’s been through sporting events, choir recitals,  musicals, trips, small groups, Track Inn breakfast,  Hardee’s lunches, cookouts, YFC Camp, or Campus Life club…I have loved being a part of their lives these past 4 years and will continue to be one of their biggest fans, even after graduation!

The hard part is trying to keep in touch with students after they leave high school. They go away to college, get jobs, get married, move away, or start families. They get busy with life and sometimes I don’t know if Campus Life had a lasting effect of loving them toward Jesus.

This past week, we all lost one of these former students, Jake Fishel. Jake wasn’t just a Campus Life student, he had been a part of Northwoods Church’s youth ministry from 1st grade to college age. Jake had many Godly people lead and mentor him in his life. Campus Life was just one of them. It was in the back of a bus on the way home from YFC Camp in 2012 that Jake said yes to Jesus. He made some dramatic changes, passionately followed Jesus (just ask those who were around him) and impacted the lives of hundreds by loving them toward Jesus!  I will miss Jake Fishel! Does Campus Life impact students?  Most times I don’t know, but I can tell you that each student has impacted me toward the Kingdom, …one life at a time!

YFC Camp 2016!

We are headed to Clearwater Cove, MO - YFC Camp from August 1-7.  We are bringing 32 high school students at an actual cost of $575/student.  That’s a lot of money!  I need help raising scholarship $ to bring the cost down.  Please consider helping by designating IVC-YFC Camp scholarship on the attached form.  It’s an incredible week where I’ve seen transformations & changed destinations!  Thank you!!