Sad Changes, God's Future

Ashleigh Shipley

Ashleigh Shipley

It is with a sad heart I announce Jon Watts is leaving our JJM Family. Jon has served YFC for two years; one with JJM and one in City Life. Jon and his family have answered God’s calling to serve their local church. Jon will be the student pastor at Crosspoint Community Church. 

With the announcement of Jon leaving we have some future plans and dreams I would like to share with you. Please take some time to consider how you could impact teens by jumping in or increasing your role.

MEET Ashleigh! She is from the land down under and likes to wrestle kangaroos. Just kidding about the kangas. Ashleigh is hoping to intern with JJM for the next year. We are seeking to raise matching funds to help bring her on board with our JJM team! Interested in helping? 

MEET Jay Hardin! Jay currently is a volunteer JJM Site Director for Peoria Juvenile Detention. With the news of Jon leaving we are seeking monthly support to help bring Jay on the team, part time or full time. Jay has experience working in the military, security, administration, and ministry. Jay is a great asset to our JJM ministry. Please consider helping to bring him on our paid staff, so he can focus more time and attention on this ministry. 

Thank you all for praying and supporting teens.

10 + 12 = 3,000+

No, I haven’t gone crazy or lost my mind. But I have done some math, and if everyone who supports JJM raises their monthly gift by $10/month, it would provide an extra $3,000+ each year.  The increase would provide food for mentees,  snacks for the Youth Farm and both Detention centers, expansion of JJM and more!