Seeking Help / Help Wanted / Help Needed / HELP…

Help …    We were hungry and friends bought us lunch!

Help … We were hungry and friends bought us lunch!

Have you ever been desperate for help?  I’m talking car wreck, tornado, lost kid, cancer? … Bad stuff.I pray shallow prayers when my kids are healthy, wallet is full, my wife thinks I’m “the man”, and all is well.

I pray earnest prayers when I’m in the Emergency Room, when finances are crushing, or when life’s struggles are more than I can bear or I lack hope to get through.

This fiscal year (YFC runs July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016), we’ve had remarkable things to celebrate. We know 1,110 teens. We’re in close relationship with 464 who are lost. Many of them are wrestling with Jesus. In fact 64 of them received Jesus Christ this year!!!

We’ve also had some low moments lately. YFC budget got really tight, such that we were struggling to choose from among paying staff, their healthcare, or our rent. I went into my “desperate prayer” posture. “Lord I need You. Oh. So. Badly. Oh Lord Jesus, we are asking for your people to be generous in helping us take the Great News of Jesus to 100’s of local teens.”

I sometimes wonder if God chuckles at the times when we don’t pray desperately. Truth is … I’m always desperate for the Grace of God thru Jesus. But I’m only aware of my desperation when life’s circumstances bump me around. I hate admitting how weak I am.

With your partnership, we walk with struggling teens. Suicidal thoughts, abusive homes, neglectful homes, imprisoned parents, addictions, more. Jesus’ love is needed. Desperately. 140+ local YFC adults are in the messes with teens. We point them to Jesus. As you Pray & Fund, you are there with us. 

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.