Summer is Here

Jobs Partnership

Jobs Partnership

This past Monday night at club we had the opportunity to talk to our students about the LGBT community and God’s response to people who identify in this group. Our discussion that night really made an impact into how we ought to live with and treat members of the LGBT community.  Students had many questions, and the dialogue really stirred their hearts as they considered God’s heart.  

We are pleased to announce that City Life will have two summer staff joining our already amazing team: Karen Jackson and Matt Wallace.  Karen has served faithfully for the past 2 years as an adult leader in the ministry and will be diving-in even more this summer.  Meanwhile, Matt has just begun to discover what City Life is all about over this past month.  We are so very excited to have these two serving alongside us this summer and can’t wait to see how God will use these servants in the lives of students.  

Another amazing reality is that Jay Pearson will be easing back into ministry throughout the course of summer, coming back from lymphoma this past school year.  In honor of the hockey playoffs, we will be skating at full strength soon!  We invite your prayers this summer as we continue to pursue students with the love, grace, and truth of what it means to follow Jesus. 

Special Invitation to Give:

This summer we have two experiences we are hoping to bring City Life Students to:

  1. Justice Trip to Philadelphia (June 12-19)  cost per person $400

  2. YFC Camp to Lampe, MO (Aug 1-7) cost per person $575

Would you consider a special gift to send an urban teen on one of these trips?