….says hardly anyone!  Our team is getting ready to start a new season of Monday Night Campus Life club and there is buzz around IVC High about it.  This season brought a couple of changes our way though.  We are changing locations from Matt & Bridgette Lynch’s house, who have been extremely generous temporary hosts for the last year and half.  I say temporary, because for 3 years, we have been looking for a permanent home.  We may have appeared to be trying to lose the students in the shuffle of location changes, but God kept them hungry to continue to find us, invite others, and be excited to share the experience with their friends!  

Our new temporary location is actually our former permanent location, Scott & Stephanie Farris’s house.  It is currently for sale, but they very graciously offered to host as long as they can!

The senior students remember this as Campus Life club home from their freshman year and can’t wait.

Along with the location change, we are also excited to welcome new faces on our leader team.  Season of life changes have called a few leaders away to pursue new job duties and school, but God has brought us 4 new leaders who are all former IVC Campus Life students.  How cool is that?  

Even though most of us aren’t huge fans of change, I have grown to love change.  In most instances, when I’m uncomfortable about what God is doing, growth follows.  Join me in prayer for this upcoming season of Campus Life ministry and for the 600+ students of IVC High School who God has called all of us to love toward Jesus.  Who knows, by year end, it could include the 500+ junior higher’s too!