All Aboard

Jay_City Life.jpg

During Christmas Break, Kankaukee City Life came down to visit Peoria and Bloomington City Life on what they call, a mini tour. As they showed up and started unloading, my mouth was watering. They rolled off a beautiful people mover with our proud branding on the side. Jealousy was the first emotion, then the pride of being a part of YFC and City Life as a movement, defeated it.    

 In the midst of the season of giving and one of our two Peoria YFC vans being down, this vehicle was a very encouraging sight. Both of our vans are passed 200,000 miles and we have put a distance limit on them. If our vans could talk, the stories of conversations, trips, prayer time, confessions of Christ, and life long relationships that have been built in route, would take you on a emotional joy ride! These vans are so vital to the mission God has us on. We have been blessed with donations towards this effort but we are a long way from updated, dependable vehicles. 

Romans 8:28 says “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” With that scale City Life qualifies, and God works encouragement from jealousy, works commitment into relationships, and works prayer into life change.  Please know that we celebrate all the miles accumulated and the generations changed in the process, but I am asking you for your help. 

ALL ABOARD is what I am yelling now so we can yell it for years to come. ALL ABOARD to all who love the Lord and wants all who are called to be saved. ALL ABOARD to all the saints that are connected to YFC and City Life. ALL ABOARD to all who are concerned about our youth and their future. ALL ABOARD to all called by God to serve others and share the love of Jesus Christ! We believe God will provide so we are asking you to join in. Contact me or call our office to build for the future. $1 to $100,000 will help us get ALL ABOARD, and I thank you!