Ryans letter pic.jpg

There was so much to celebrate in 2017- camps, clubs, growing relationships between students and leaders, and ultimately many students growing in their understanding of God’s love and what it means in their life. Last year was a great year! It’s overwhelming to think about all that happened, but it’s clear that God’s hand was in it. 

As great as 2017 was, I’m convinced 2018 will be a year of breakthrough. With each day that passes in 2018, I am seeing more and more affirmation this will be the case.

In Luke, Jesus tells a parable to the people to the effect of “always pray and do not lose heart.” If there is anything that can stop this year from being a year of breakthrough - it’s if we stop praying for the ministry or we lose heart. I’m asking for your help in praying and for your help in ensuring we keep pursuing teens for the sake of the Gospel. Will you join me in praying?

I’m praying for more leaders to step up and commit to loving students where they are… in the midst of the mess that adolescence brings. 

I’m praying for deeper relationships between students and leaders. Our prayer is for authentic, Christ-sharing relationships that point lost teens to Jesus. 

I’m praying for sustainable funding for Limestone Campus Life and YFC Peoria as a whole. Limestone’s funding is growing, but still significantly short of where it needs to be. 

I’m praying for students to come to know Jesus. There are over 1,700 kids (11-19 year olds) in the Bartonville area- many of whom don’t know the redeeming love of Jesus. They need hope. They need love. They need Jesus. 

Will you join me in praying and being a part of breakthrough in this community?