Grandmas & Grandpas


Three guesses why those students in the picture are standing? Those are students who accepted Christ at YFC Camp last summer! I’d like to tell you about 2 of those students in the photo…and their grandparents…

First up is Grandpa Tom and Grandma Midge. They’ve been around YFC as long as I can remember. They wanted their soon-to-be freshman grandson, Matt, to get involved too. The plan was to get Matt to YFC Camp and the rest would just take care of itself, right? Sort of… Matt had a great time at camp, grew close to his leader Phil and committed his life to Christ. However, when school started we didn’t see as much of Matt as we hoped.

Every week I’d get a text from Tom asking if Matt was there. Unfortunately the answer was no most of the time. Grandpa, Grandma and Phil continued to be persistent with Matt. One day Grandma said to Grandpa Tom, “You know we can pick Matt up, feed him and drop him off at Campus Life every week.” So that’s exactly what they’ve been doing and Matt is loving the extra time with his grandparents. Now Matt is fully engaged with Campus Life, and his leader Phil and is working to understand his new faith. 

Next is Grandma Jane who we met at her granddaughter Abby’s graduation party. With teary eyes she thanked us for being involved in Abby’s life and told us fond memories of taking Abby to church with her every week as a kid. But as Abby grew up, so did the distance between her and church. Last summer at YFC Camp Abby accepted Christ! She soon asked how she could continue her involvement with Youth for Christ as a leader. 

This presented the opportunity to talk about the decision she made to follow Jesus and what happens next. One of the steps we encouraged her take was to become a part of a local church. We offered two options: Join us at church or to attend church once again with Grandma Jane. 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Abby isn’t at our church. She’s now back at church with her Grandma. She signed up to be an usher and is beginning the process of becoming a leader in Campus Life!