We all like our conveniences and comforts. High school students aren’t any different. It’s easy for them to come to the same place every week, hang out with the same people and be generally comfortable. But Campus Life is most successful when people from different backgrounds get together and find community with people they normally wouldn’t spend time with. 

Over this long winter complacency set in. New faces became rarer and it’s something we needed to talk about. We did something we’d hadn’t done before. We pulled back the curtain to share with students the fundamentals of Campus Life. That our hope was to go where students are, build a rapport with them, earn the right to speak into their life, show them The Gospel in a real and tangible way pointing them both to Jesus and the local church. We explained the kind of students we want to see at Campus Life, often don’t quite fit in anywhere else.

The challenge was accepted and there was even more dialogue as the night was ending. 

The next week Evan shows up at the invitation of a fellow student. It didn’t take long to introduce him around. Evan was enthusiastic to make new friends and sit down for a snack. A couple of leaders made a really good connection and he returned the next week!

It’s a big win to have Evan be a part Campus Life with us as well as the others that friends are inviting. It’s also a win for students to hear a message and act on it for the benefit of their friends.

Please take a moment right now and pray for Evan and those like him and the leaders working to bring them a hope and life in Jesus.

Just a few spots left for meals!

Most of our dinners are provided by friends in the community. If you’d like to bring us a meal or send dinner to us, we’d love to eat whatever you send our way. We’re not picky and it would be great if you stayed to eat with us too. To bring us a meal or call Jarrod!