Some of the first words I remember hearing when I started at YFC was…”We exist to mobilize leaders.”

After a more in-depth conversation and almost a full school year as a Campus Life Director, I agree with that statement wholeheartedly. Ministry leaders are the bread and butter of YFC, they invest countless hours of their time loving lost teens and sharing Jesus with them.

The  four teenagers with me in the picture above are the Limestone Middle School Campus Life Leader team.  I call them my Dream Team. They were Campus Life students themselves and understand the importance of developing authentic Christ sharing relationships with adults. 

Halle (bottom right) says, "Campus life has surrounded me with great people to push me towards Jesus. Also, leading has been an inspiration because I get to see the kids learning about God and growing in their faith.” 

 Katie (bottom left) says: “What I enjoy most about being a leader for Campus Life Middle School is how I have the ability to be a light to middle schoolers. Growing up, I looked up to people older than me and it’s so cool that now I can do that and show them Christ as well. I love being able to do small groups with the kids and hear what’s happening in their lives. I love that they can trust me enough to share their emotions and stories with me.” 

Eric (top right), has been a leader since January and I have loved watching him interact with the students and lead them in small group discussions. 

Brody (top left), is my right hand man, as he has stepped into a role of authority being the second oldest on the team. He leads by example and has a passion for sharing Jesus with others.

Thanks for investing in YFC. Your financial gifts and your prayers are critical to reaching local teens!


In the Fall Katie and Halle will be leaving for college! We are excited for them and this next season of their lives, but that means are in need of leaders for both Limestone High School and Middle School Campus Life teams. Will you be praying with us for adults to join our team? Maybe it’s you … let’s talk.