Quick Stories


There are many words and emotions that could describe the picture. The one word I would use would be CHANGE.

When we met “B”, he was in a green suicide suit at JDC (a padded suit that cannot be cut or torn). Many people have been praying for “B” and working with “B” to share the love and hope of Jesus. I am pleased to report that “B” is no longer in the green suit but back in his normal clothes and doing well.

“When are we gonna fight?” Is a question I hear often. This is not the fighting you’re thinking … There is a card game called super fight  that our JJM team plays to build relationships with the JDC students. Students pick a few cards and then they are given a few more cards. They have to articulate why their hero would win. At some point we talk about making choices in life, some we can control and others we can’t control. We also talk about the importance of adapting to different situations and making further choices based on the decisions we have already made. In JJM we are very intentional about our programming, including our fun. Every moment can be a teaching moment and for many of them, they don’t have a parent teaching them important life lessons. 

Please pray: We will be doing origami with the residents. This is a first for us and could be a flop or a win. “Attention to details,” “taking your time,” “working on our faith even though it's hard” are some of lessons that go along with this activity.  We have tested it with a small group at our McLean County facility and it was pretty well-received. Please pray that God can be seen through this process. 

Thank you! Ministry cannot happen without prayer, the financial support of the community, and the hard work of ministry leaders.


1. Please continue to cover the ministry in prayer.

2. We are in need of Ministry Leaders for the Youth Farm. Interested? Know someone?

3. We are seeking additional donors. If you know someone that could parter with us to help grow the ministry, please introduce us to them.