Meal Time!!


“Mr. CJ, when can you come pick me up?” This is something I hear often. Residents who are released from JDC have been calling and are excited to meet with our team. “A” recently has connected with our team and is eager to get a job. One of the tricky parts for employers is to see “A” for who he is and not as a former resident of Juvenile Detention. 

Most Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, our team is inside a detention center. We get to build relationships, and challenge their thought process on life and faith. In a recent conversation we were talking about stealing, which led to a conversation on trusting banks, which led to why God doesn’t want us to steal from each other. There was more than I described, but this is how some of our conversations go. This particular day one youth was defending why his old life is better than God’s way and by the end started to rethink his position. 

Recently JJM had our first “fusion” after summer break. “Frankie” showed up, which was a very nice surprise, but it was right before we went on summer break. He had zero interest in anything “religious.” For our kick-off we set up 9 Square (their favorite game) and Frankie showed up to play! He had a blast and even cracked a smile or two. We eventually ganged up on one of the staff to get them “out.” This simple game allowed us to build some relationships. We talked afterwards and got to know each other a little better. Please be praying for Frankie and that God will draw him closer. 

JJM is such an important ministry and you are directly a part of it though your prayers. We need to expand our prayer team, support team, and most importantly our relationship building team. If you can be a part, please contact me and I would love to have you consider one of these teams!

                   Grace and Peace,


Sunday Church starts with doughnuts and ends with prayer. We could use a few people willing to give $10 dollars or more a month to provide the funds for doughnuts. These doughnuts draw the students into participation and is another great way for us to build relationships with the residents of McLean Co. Juvenile Detention.