AFTER SEPTEMBER 11TH, the City of New York decided to rebuild the twin towers. Instead of immediately building back up, they initially dug down. They spend three years building below the street level. That’s three years of work before people from the street could even tell a new building was going up. They did this because they wanted this new building, Freedom Tower, to be the strongest building ever built. They knew the importance of having a strong foundation. 

Since October, I feel like we’ve been digging down at Richwoods Campus Life. Five months of laying a foundation - five months of raising funds, five months of putting together a leadership team, five months of building community support, five months of building awareness… 

Now we build up. Now we have a solid base of financial support (a good start anyway.) Now we have a leadership team that is trained and empowered to dive into the messy lives of teenagers at Richwoods High School. Now we have the structure in place that we need to ensure that Campus Life at Richwoods isn’t just a one or two year thing. We want Richwoods Campus Life to leave an impact far beyond the students who are just here now. 

We want years and years worth of Richwoods students to be impacted by the gospel. 

On March 17th, we had our first Richwoods Campus Life event… Richwoods students met their ministry leaders for the first time. The students have no idea now, but the truth is that many of these leaders will have a lasting, eternal impact on those students’ lives. Some of these leaders will be invited to students’ graduation parties. Some of these leaders will be invited to students future weddings. Some will stay in touch decades after high school because of the impact they’ve made. Each one  will love kids where they are at, in the midst of their mess - and in the process, point them to the hope that is found in Jesus.

YFC Camp - Carolina Point

This summer we are taking around 175 students and leaders to YFC Camp in North Carolina. Every year, this is life-changing trip for any kid that comes. I’m hoping to take one cabin of guys and one cabin of girls from Richwoods for our inaugural trip to YFC Camp. We will have fundraisers and scholarships available for students, but even then we often have kids who can’t come to camp because of financial reasons. Would you be willing to sponsor a Richwoods student’s trip to camp for $525? Send me an email if you’d like to help!