The Summer of Relationship


It’s crazy that we are already halfway through our summer in ministry! I have loved seeing our leaders love our students through our time spent with them. We have had many trips and events, along with club times and small groups, and through all this time new relationships are being formed! 

During the Starved Rock trip, I observed students and leaders talking about life and enjoying God’s creation together. Students loved taking risks, getting a little wet and dirty, and our leaders sacrificed themselves and joined them in the mud and mess. This observation led me to realize something about our adult leaders. Although we enter into a physical mess with students now and then, our leaders continually enter into the mess that our students are experiencing at this stage of life.

Although I love the times we get to start relationships and build on them through shared experiences, I’m even more excited about the conversations I have heard about during small group and club times. Recently, a leader told about a conversation she had with a student about their fears. This conversation helped reveal why the student acts the way she does. Her heart was drawn to what this student was dealing with, and she continues to walk with her through 1-on-1 appointments. Conversations like these are why we do what we do. Although there are times we get discouraged, God continually reminds us that he has placed us in these relationships for a reason.

I am so grateful for the ministry and relationships God has given us. But our team seeks more opportunities to build relationships and walk with our students. One of our greatest seasons for this work is coming up soon, YFC Camp! Although we need a bit more financial support to get our teens there, I also long to see our leaders and students surrounded in prayer during camp, and as we prepare to leave!

Please pray with us and also please consider an extra gift. Summer financial giving seems to dip slightly and our margins are tight.

Thank You!

What happens at YFC Camp?

We say that YFC Camp is a year’s worth of ministry packed into 1 week (144 hours with students!). We do crazy activities, sing songs, eat great food, and through it all, we present the Gospel and go deep into relevant life topics. Throughout the week, we  pray, cry, and laugh together. It is truly a life-changing week.

Please pray for us and our students, especially August 3-8th!