It’s all about relationships


What would you say is the most important part of a ministry? Is it the programs? The trips and events? Although a ministry is made up of many parts, we have come to realize that there is one thing that towers above all else when it comes to effectiveness in ministry. It’s all about relationships. Whether we are talking about our relationship with the community, with our students, or our relationship with God, relationships shape and guide all we do in our ministry. Over the past few months, we have seen God work in all of these relationships. Our relationships with students deepened at YFC Camp, God provided new leaders in our mission, and we are seeing new opportunities arise from our community relationships as well!

The picture above is from YFC Camp this year. Camp seems to be the place where we see God move most, not only in our lives, but in students as well. This year we took 19 students and 5 leaders to camp. This week was packed with fun, but also with deep conversation between teens and leaders. Of course, this led many young people to grow closer to our leaders, but I was amazed to see how God used this to draw students closer to himself! Some have yet to say yes to Jesus, but we did see God stir in their hearts. I believe God has more planned for them this semester.

We recently kicked off our ministry for this semester, and already I’m hopeful to see what God has in store. Over half of the students at our kick-off were new and we had two new leaders join us for the first time! 

We long to see students come into relationships with loving Christian adults, and God is making this happen! Looking forward, I see relational ministry being the key part of our year, especially as we hold club at a new location! That’s right! The youth center is starting up, and we are looking forward to meeting and knowing more Metamora area teens.

Because of the growth in Metamora, we need your help. We desire that the plans before us would be fruitful, but we unfortunately cannot do this without people to fund what God is doing. Please consider joining us on this mission to reach lost teens in our community. There are many ways to be on the team, ranging from financial support, to supplying a meal. Please let me know if you would be willing to join us in any way! Please also join us in prayer for our leaders, our students, and for all Campus Life Ministry.

We cannot do His work without Him. Pray that our leaders would pursue their relationship with Jesus first, and through that be strengthened to do all that God is calling us to do.