This Team Serves Our Bigger Team


43,237 teens in our 4-county area attend a Middle School, a High School, live at Children’s Home Youth Farm or are detained at Juvenile Detention Center.

____X____ have Christian parents, or Christian friends who are sharing the Great News of Jesus Christ.

43,237 - X = Number of Teens not hearing the Gospel.

What’s your guess about what X equals? 

If we add up all the best efforts of Christian parents, Christian schools, churches, youth groups, youth ministries and others, my guess is that less than 13,000 are regularly, directly exposed to the truth and love of Jesus Christ.

In business terms that means 30,000+ is our market opportunity. We are not close.

But … we are working to reach faaaarrrrr more. The team pictured above mobilized another 120+ Ministry Leaders last year, who engaged in almost 300 Authentic Christ Sharing Relationships (ACSR’s) with lost teens. We are laying the foundation to be in 6 to 8 to 10 times that many someday.

Pictured above L-R: Jay Pearson, Bryan Kinas, Karen Snyder, Rick Byrne, Cindy Barton, Caiti Svymbersky, Jeff Ringenberg, Christi Ringel, Jarrod Briggs, CJ Fisher, Justin Rauh, Andrew Held, Eli Beltran (YES … you read that right! Eli is returning to the team in Central Illinois! His role? “Ambassador to Teens.” Mentoring, Leadership, Church and Donor Relations … helping us rally more Christians to “care about” and “be involved in” ministry to lost teens), myself, and Ryan Anderson.

Please keep praying and funding. We are slightly behind our income plan … 6.8% to be exact. The actual number is $44,700 behind. If you can help, that would be awesome. 

Special Focus Until June 1

Along with our efforts to host clubs, take trips, attend teen events, pursue lost teens, recruit/equip/encourage Ministry Leaders and pray like mad … we are also investing  time these days in creating a strategic plan for our future. We want to reach faaarrr more teens and we’re laying the groundwork for that before our next budget year starts on July 1. Please be in prayer for us. If you’d like to get involved in that process, let me know … we want pray-ers, thinkers, planners and do-ers.