Funny thing about discipleship, it works! Studying and applying what Jesus did in His earthly ministry, Peoria City Life is headed toward a new season of ministry. From the beginning, Jesus took a small group of guys and trained them to change the world. By sharing the Gospel, they saw first hand others come to believe in Jesus and change their families, friends, and even enemies. With the model of the Great Commission, 12 men impacted millions of people, and expanded the Kingdom.

Doing the math, 12 times a few, times a few, times a few has created an army of disciples with marching orders and a mission for God. Jesus told His 12 they would do greater things than He did, and He was right with the multiplication. In the neighborhoods we serve, we want to do greater things too. We are partnering with Prince of Peace MB Church in the East Bluff. With a target area God has shown us, we want to instill love and value into the teens and families in this area. We have built great relationships in these neighborhoods. Half of our existing group lives in the area and Peoria High is nearby. That gives us a great start for impact

We plan on having female and male groups focused on Biblical Manhood and Female Empowerment. That will be our foundation, believing that when teens understand how much God loves them and how valuable they are, they will value others and make their neighborhood better.

We know that that 3-7pm is the time of day where youth need options to help them stay safe and out of trouble. 

We are asking for a lot of things for this next season. 

  • Please pray that committed people will serve as leaders.

  • Pray that funding for another full time City Life staff will be provided.

  • Pray that this neighborhood will be changed BY THE YOUNG PEOPLE for the glory of God.

  • Pray that we serve this neighborhood the way they need it and not the way we think.

  • Pray for awareness of the new site to anyone who lives in the neighborhood.

  • Please connect us with any people who love God and youth, who might be willing to join this mission.

  • Finally Ask God how you can be the person God wants you to be in this new season.

When disciples who make disciples, who make disciples are seen, multiplication happens in heaven and on earth. 

Thanks for reading, praying and funding. This summer finds us a little behind financially, so we sure appreciate your generosity! God is The Provider. But He seems to use generous people like YOU.