In modeling after Christ, we put relationships first in everything we do, with God and then with others. YFC focuses on being a relationship ministry, One way we do this is to train our staff to understand the national strategic plan and best practices to reach our goals. The focus for staff is mobilizing adult leaders that build relationships with teenagers in our communities. 

PCL does this through FOCUS ON THREE, finding THREE teens that you will commit to building a relationship with, and doing this with the mission God has given YFC which is called THREE STORY (3story). If you notice our branding in the upper left corner of this letter, this is THREE Story. The circles in order from top to bottom connect and stand for God’s story, our story, their story. By modeling and sharing God’s story in our lives, prayerfully that will open up opportunities to share our story, build trust with teens, and showing them how Christ’s love can change their story. Walking with them into the mess that may be their life, and helping them discover how the Word of God, Jesus’ resurrection, and the Holy Spirit can lead them to peace and purpose. 

Ms. Bridgette (above) is one of the PCL leaders, and is a beautiful example of our mission. She tells me she is not sure she is doing this right, and I encourage her that she is one of our best in THREE Story. After this picture was taken I looked at her and said, “Wow look who has THREE!” She laughed as only she can and tried to deny it. 

There is ONE more thing to mention - the only way we can fulfill our calling in this is through your teamwork in giving, and for that we say thank you. Lately at Peoria YFC our funds have been tight, and sadly a lot of our prayers in meetings have included increased funding. So I am asking you to help us by FOCUSING ON THREE and asking 3 people, families, churches, etc. to join our team with funding like you already are doing. Please help our today’s THREE to become Focus on 3,000 like the day of Pentecost in Acts 2.  We will boldly proclaim and let the Holy Spirit lead them to Christ! 


PCL Meal Team Wish List

Every Monday our meal team prepares a meal for 40-60 people and does it very well. They have asked me to help them find more pots and pans. We will accept any size, function, and condition for this ministry team. Please drop them by our YFC office or call me and I will pick them up. We desire to feed God’s people mind, body, and soul. Thank you in advance, Jay