We Are Coming After You!


Ethan said yes to helping friends move some yard items out of the way of the coming Illinois River flood waters. 

Ethan said yes to coming to Campus Life Monday Club at Seiler’s house the next week.

Ethan said yes to hanging out at a small group at the same house where he went to Club.

Ethan said yes to coming to YFC Camp with the same friends who invited him to help flood prep, to Campus Life Club, and to a small group.

Ethan said YES! to becoming a follower of Jesus that week!

The story doesn’t end there, actually it’s just beginning. Judging by the picture, this isn’t the only story to share about what’s happening at IVC Campus Life.

How in the world are you supposed to know all God is doing in the lives of teens through a Campus Life team of  adult and teenage leaders?

It’s hard to do it via a letter you receive every 2 months, right? One of our main objectives of Campus Life is go into the world of teens, rather than ask them to come to us.  So in that same spirit……

It is our intention to bring the stories to you!

This year, our team will be coming after you to share in person the many stories of IVC Campus Life: teens inviting their friends, leaders pursuing authentic Christ-sharing relationships, and teens ready and not yet ready to commit to Jesus. There are a lot of you and a lot of stories, but the challenge to meet each of you is worth it. Thank you for being a part of Ethan’s “YES”!