“And did I mention, keep praying?”


I have a strange habit of going through old emails and phone notes with the intention of deleting them to make room, and then get caught up reading through them all. The power of nostalgia is incredible! As I scoured through emails from old jobs, I came across one from a former boss, and now friend. He talked about things we needed to be ready to start the job, stuff we needed to bring (it was a summer camp out of state), and how we needed to prepare our hearts. 

After listing close to 50 things we needed to accomplish and look over, he closed with this statement: “And did I mention, keep praying?”

He had. He mentioned it a total of 37 times just in that email. And in every email prior, and every email after that as well. I stopped counting when I reached 200. 

Prayer is one of the most important parts of ministry. Praying and listening to God, and meditating on the Word are SO important. At YFC, we cover our ministry in prayer. We pray before we begin meetings and close meetings, and often in the middle. It has taught me so much about living with God. Doing ministry with God. It has taught me about being faithful, and waiting on God to move before I take a step. 

I am so thankful this is the ministry God has called me into, and I am so looking forward to what comes next. But for now, I will be still in the presence of God, and continue to pray for the students, the faculty, the parents,  the ministry leaders, and the ministry partners (that could be you!) who have dedicated their time and energy to provide us with what we need to continue moving forward. Please join me in doing this!