Yes. Yes Again. Not Yet.

These are the answer options.  What’s the question?

Will you trust and follow Jesus?

We will present this question to every teen who attends YFC Camp this summer (4,000 expected nation-wide). Before we pop the question, we deliver the Gospel bit by bit through our camp speaker, our story tellers, and through the cabin leaders. After the question is posed, the teens are given 30 minutes to be alone and consider their answer.  Then at the end of the time they are invited to speak - yell - whisper their answer. It’s an amazing moment to hear their responses.

At a recent YFC Camp, there were 38 YES’S, 126 YES AGAIN’S, and 58 NOT YET’S!  WOW - please pray.

We leave in a few days with 15-20 junior high teens & leaders and 155-160 high school teens & leaders.  Most of these are currently not followers of Jesus.  Will you pray that we will love these kids and communicate the Gospel in an effective way?  Thank you.

And, additional funding is needed to help cover the cost of YFC Camp.  Could you give an additional gift this month? More on this below.

Your partnership in prayer and giving makes all this happen.  We need you….and….you need us for this Kingdom work.  We LOVE our partnership.

One of those teens, Olivia, said YES at YFC Camp a few years ago. This year she is going as a cabin leader to be a part of God’s work helping other teens with their answer to the question.  Yea God - yea Olivia!

We’re not done yet!

We have spent the summer raising money to help send students to camp who can’t afford it. We still have gaps that need filled to fully fund this trip. Would you consider giving a special gift to help us fill in some of those gaps? Your gift could mean a lifetime of difference for a student who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend YFC Camp. Thanks!