As The Calendar Turns … I’m Asking for an Increase!


Since we align our annual calendar with schools, our ministry cycle runs July 1 to June 30 each year. I want to pass along highlights, since our year just ended.

1st Thing. Launched IVC Middle School Campus Life! Every other week wasn’t enough, this Fall? Weekly!

2nd Thing. Richwoods Campus Life foundational work was laid, and that ministry site will kick off this Fall!

3rd Thing. Jay Pearson continues to be described as cancer-free by the medical community!

4th Thing. Chris Genders is joining us to lead Metamora ministry and launch a brand-new teen center.

5th Thing. 3 of our Site Directors serve on YFC/USA leadership teams for Campus Life (Ryan Anderson), Juvenile Justice (CJ Fisher), and City Life (Jay Pearson). These teams set the tone for the country. Wow!

6th Thing. YFC/USA President Dan Wolgemuth, stayed in Peoria’s Juvenile Detention Center for a night. He gained insights about incarcerated teens, and obeyed the Bible to “visit the prisoner”. Dan was moved profoundly.

7th Thing. We planned, but haven’t started an office remodel to accommodate our growing team. Remember? we also launched 2 Bloomington/Normal ministries in recent months! We are sharing desks … 

8th Thing. Eli Beltran rejoined our team as Ambassador for Teens. He is visiting, thanking, visioning & mentoring!

9th (and final) Thing. My heading said “I’m asking for an Increase”. That has a 2-fold meaning:

  • Our team is praying and working to have the capacity to reach FAR MORE teens. Today we are in 300 ACSR’s (Authentic Christ-Sharing Relationships with lost local teens). We want to be in 2,500 ACSR’s with lost local teens. 8x growth! We’re trying to pursue that with minimal budget increase.

  • Money is my 2nd “final thing.” We are asking for an increase. These ministry initiatives, personnel addition’s, and overdue computer upgrades tally a 17% increase. Our 2019-2020 budget is $1,221,583.00. Sooooo much of our income arrives in gifts of $100 or less each month. When you increase by $5/month, that helps. When you give bigger, it helps more. Hundred’s of friends each giving as God leads them and we meet budget each year.

Hundred’s of Ministry Leaders who each have 4-5 ACSR’s means we walk with 2,500 lost teens. It won’t happen this year or next year …. but someday, we hope to announce to you that “we did it”. “You did it”. …. GOD DID IT!

Thanks for reading, considering, caring …