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…you’ll get run over if you just sit there!


The full quote from the picture is “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” My tendency is to try and control life by being able to see far enough to make the right decisions.  Trains have the ability to see miles ahead. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do that in life and ministry? God has other plans of dependance on Him,  doesn’t He?  He wants us to rely on Him one step at a time……

Psalms 109:105  “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” ESV

One of the points of celebration I shared in my May 2019 letter was that we found a home for Campus Life at Billy & Morgan Seiler’s house.  A LOT happened in the last 6 weeks.  Seiler family of 2 is growing. Little Baby Seiler is due at the end of the year.  We could not be more happy for them!  But they also shared they are moving to Michigan … and it will happen quickly.

Billy and Morgan have been incredible leaders for Campus Life in Chillicothe for many years.  They have hosted small groups, mentored, loved, supported and served faithfully.  They have had a positive impact on countless teens and adults while loving them toward Jesus.  We will miss them within the ministry as leaders and personally as friends. 

We continue to trust in God just as the Seiler’s are trusting in Him with their relocation.  It seems like chaos at times but the tension of change normally brings growth as we pursue God.

So, thank you, Seiler’s, for your time, resources, and love!  We won’t find this couple just sitting on the tracks waiting for God to move.  Will you pray with us for abundance of grace and favor in their life as they faithfully take the mission of the God’s Kingdom to Michigan! 

Billy and Morgan Seiler

Billy and Morgan Seiler

It’s That Time of Year Again!


Snow and ice are melted. There is daylight after work. Birds are singing in the morning. Flowers are starting to pop out of the ground. Windows are opening for a dose of fresh air. That can only mean one thing….potholes!  While driving the other day, I think I hit a pothole bigger than Sheri’s and my first apartment!

Smooth, smooth, smooth - Bang!

Now that winter sports are over, students have more margin in their schedules to meet with Campus Life leaders for Track Inn, Wing Stop, Bdubs, and McD’s. Leaders are hearing the same theme, “Life has stretches of smooth then, BANG, we hit a ‘pothole’ out of nowhere!” Whatever “IT” is, it results in uncomfortable stress, anxiety, and worry. 

Campus Life leaders pray, listen, pray, love, pray, and listen some more…before the leader shares a related experience or, if the student is open to it, God’s Word. The students know they are heard! They are seen! They are loved! 

That’s part of our mission, it’s called 3 Story…. try to connect their story, with our story, to God’s story. Although knowing God’s story doesn’t always help get rid of every “pothole, it sure helps with the after effects! 

As smooth as we wish life could always be, “potholes” give opportunity for growth, wisdom and God’s comfort

“Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me, for in you my soul takes refuge; in the shadow of your wings I will take refuge, till the storms of destruction pass by.”

Psalms 57:1 ESV

So first, please pray for this incredible team as they love teens toward Jesus. And secondly, pray for the teens as they continue to deal with the “potholes” that life throws at all of us.

5th & 8th grade moving up day!

After spring break, the Monday night High School Club will open up to the 8th grade class.  This will be their new home till high school graduation!  New to this year is our Middle School, so following spring break, the Tuesday night Middle School Club will open up to the 5th grade class.  This to will be their new home till middle school graduation!



….says hardly anyone!  Our team is getting ready to start a new season of Monday Night Campus Life club and there is buzz around IVC High about it.  This season brought a couple of changes our way though.  We are changing locations from Matt & Bridgette Lynch’s house, who have been extremely generous temporary hosts for the last year and half.  I say temporary, because for 3 years, we have been looking for a permanent home.  We may have appeared to be trying to lose the students in the shuffle of location changes, but God kept them hungry to continue to find us, invite others, and be excited to share the experience with their friends!  

Our new temporary location is actually our former permanent location, Scott & Stephanie Farris’s house.  It is currently for sale, but they very graciously offered to host as long as they can!

The senior students remember this as Campus Life club home from their freshman year and can’t wait.

Along with the location change, we are also excited to welcome new faces on our leader team.  Season of life changes have called a few leaders away to pursue new job duties and school, but God has brought us 4 new leaders who are all former IVC Campus Life students.  How cool is that?  

Even though most of us aren’t huge fans of change, I have grown to love change.  In most instances, when I’m uncomfortable about what God is doing, growth follows.  Join me in prayer for this upcoming season of Campus Life ministry and for the 600+ students of IVC High School who God has called all of us to love toward Jesus.  Who knows, by year end, it could include the 500+ junior higher’s too!


Impact the Kingdom, One Life at a Time

Some past and current YFC Campers

Some past and current YFC Campers

This is a bittersweet time of the year for me.  We get to celebrate the senior class but it is also when we say goodbye to their involvement with IVC Campus Life as high school students. Whether it’s been through sporting events, choir recitals,  musicals, trips, small groups, Track Inn breakfast,  Hardee’s lunches, cookouts, YFC Camp, or Campus Life club…I have loved being a part of their lives these past 4 years and will continue to be one of their biggest fans, even after graduation!

The hard part is trying to keep in touch with students after they leave high school. They go away to college, get jobs, get married, move away, or start families. They get busy with life and sometimes I don’t know if Campus Life had a lasting effect of loving them toward Jesus.

This past week, we all lost one of these former students, Jake Fishel. Jake wasn’t just a Campus Life student, he had been a part of Northwoods Church’s youth ministry from 1st grade to college age. Jake had many Godly people lead and mentor him in his life. Campus Life was just one of them. It was in the back of a bus on the way home from YFC Camp in 2012 that Jake said yes to Jesus. He made some dramatic changes, passionately followed Jesus (just ask those who were around him) and impacted the lives of hundreds by loving them toward Jesus!  I will miss Jake Fishel! Does Campus Life impact students?  Most times I don’t know, but I can tell you that each student has impacted me toward the Kingdom, …one life at a time!

YFC Camp 2016!

We are headed to Clearwater Cove, MO - YFC Camp from August 1-7.  We are bringing 32 high school students at an actual cost of $575/student.  That’s a lot of money!  I need help raising scholarship $ to bring the cost down.  Please consider helping by designating IVC-YFC Camp scholarship on the attached form.  It’s an incredible week where I’ve seen transformations & changed destinations!  Thank you!!

Big Events and Appointments

Battle Ball Soccer Night

Battle Ball Soccer Night

We ended 2015 with a YFC Camp style Christmas banquet awards night where leaders served dinner to dressed up students. We started 2016 with a Back to School Battle Ball soccer night where students slipped in less formal inflatables and played soccer at Pearce Community Center. What happened during the 3 weeks between those two events?  Tons of appointments with teens at Track Inn, a favorite breakfast hangout with students in Chillicothe! We use these times to intentionally engage students in one-on-one settings to listen and point them toward God’s 

Story whenever we can. It’s difficult to do that at big events like parties and Battle Ball soccer.


Another great thing about Christmas break is we get to catch up with many former students.  We listened to many shared the struggles that come with the freedom to make decisions about their future, and the stress that accompanies it.  For some, the stress came because making decisions that lined up with their faith cost them something.  For others, the stress came as they met with leaders after making decisions that didn’t line up with past commitments.  


They aren’t exactly adults, but they aren’t really children either. Campus Life doesn’t seem to stop, as graduates wrestle with life beyond high school. Who knows? As we look for areas of growth, we hope to expand into middle school soon.  Please pray for the high school and college students as they return to campus, and for Campus Life as we begin another semester.  We won’t ever give up on students because God hasn’t given up on us!

As 2015 ended, we told all who would listen, “YFC finances are behind”. We prayed and we asked for a generous December. And Then … It Happened. People gave a bunch. We finished our 1/2-year budget of $485,000 ahead by 2%. Thank You Friends. Thank You Jesus! We hope you will continue giving generously, because Jan-March income is typically lower than the rest of the year. Wow. That was big. Happy New Year!!! 

- Dan L

Why is YFC Camp important? Some IVC student reflections…nuf said!

Looking Good for Formal Night

Looking Good for Formal Night

Student #1 - This was my first YFC camp and I didn’t know what to expect or how it was going to change my life. The message was about the mess in our lives. I was going through this fog of emotions and I had just started to shut down. One evening our speaker, Gabe, said “If you can not get yourself out of your own mess, God will come into your mess and love you out of it.” I realized that God giving me the opportunity to go to camp this year was him surrounding me with people that would help me through this rough patch of life. This week was truly life changing for me and I am so glad that I went to camp this year.

Student #2 - Going into camp, I was looking for a good time and to hopefully connect with God on a level I've never experienced before. Camp was one of the best weeks of my life! I got a deeper relationship with God! Now I attend church on a weekly basis. I’ve had some difficult moral decisions since camp, but I know I’m not alone anymore. God has filled holes in my life that I didn’t even know were there. Camp was an unforgettable experience that I'm ready to relive next year, but also a window of opportunity to experience God in a whole new way! 

Student #3 - While I was at camp I felt spiritually invincible, but the camp experience doesn't easily follow you back home.  As soon as I boarded the bus everything from the outside world came back. The first text I got when I turned my phone on came from someone I hadn’t spoken to in months and my pre-camp world came rushing back at me. But the post-camp difference is knowing that I have God by my side to help me through every decision and trial!  

Student #4 - I've been involved in Campus Life and occasionally went to church but never took the idea of God seriously. I went to camp last year and didn't get much out of it. This year I was expecting the same, I even had my best friends coming, the ones I got in trouble with at home. My whole world got rocked by God as I realized my decisions weren't for Him, they were for me. My friends and I wanted to change that. Since back home, there's still those past temptations, but I've turned away. I’m talking to God every day and it’s like talking with a family member or friend. I can honestly say that at camp, God came into my life in full force and changed everything. I now understand why it's called YFC camp, where everything changes :)

This is a Campus Life leader?

Catching Bridgette at IVC

Catching Bridgette at IVC


Meet Bridgette Lynch, Assistant Principal at IVC high school, leader at IVC Campus Life, and one of our cabin leaders at YFC Camp at Carolina Point in two weeks!  

The reason I became involved (and the reason I stay involved) with Campus Life is simple - the kids! I see these students everyday in the hallways at school, and to see them coming to Campus Life on Monday nights is such a gratifying experience. They come as they are, often encouraging friends to come as well. The environment is accepting, caring, and full of energy (a lot of energy). The students come for the food, games, and their friends but they become hooked on the messages, listening intently as the leaders share stories of God’s work. It is truly awesome to see the relationships these students develop with the leaders and how they grow in their faith. 

My husband, Matt, and I have loved becoming a part of the Campus Life family. We started coming on Monday nights a couple of years ago, just getting a feel for what Campus Life was all about. It didn’t take long before we were committed. We treasure our time on Monday nights - even when our schedules are crazy. When I accepted a new position in the school district, I quickly made sure I was still able to participate in Campus Life. Matt and I now discuss how we can continue to stay involved with Campus Life long-term, and see it as a priority in our lives. 

In a few weeks I will be going to Carolina Point with our students at YFC Camp. I could not be more excited to spend this time with these kids and be there as they grow in their walk with Christ.

Bridgette Lynch

We’re not done yet!

We have spent the summer raising money to help send students to camp who can’t afford it. We still have gaps that need filled to fully fund this trip. Would you consider giving a special gift to help us fill in some of those gaps. Your gift could mean a lifetime of difference for a student who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend YFC Camp.  Thanks!

IVC’s Principal said what?

The Bergmans

The Bergmans

What is the relationship IVC Campus Life has with IVC High School?  This month Kenton Bergman will share his insights.  Kenton has been IVC’s principal for the last 10 years.  We are blessed to call Kenton, Lyn and his kids friends & supporters of Campus Life.  He loves God, loves students, and isn’t afraid to have fun with the students, sometimes at his expense.  Here is Kenton’s take on Campus Life in Chillicothe.

I am so thankful for the healthy and productive partnership that IVC High School has with Campus Life. We share a common goal - - to serve the youth of Chillicothe and the surrounding communities. Over the past ten years, I have witnessed countless benefits of our students engaging in the Campus Life community. For many, it is a safe place where they go to have fun and socialize. For others, the level of involvement and engagement is at a much deeper level. The leaders consistently welcome all with loving and serving hearts. Students know the leaders care about them and want to build relationships with them. In addition to our students, Campus Life and its leaders are always looking for ways to serve the community and school district. When serving and loving others are at the core, wonderful things happen! I greatly appreciate the support and encouragement of those involved with Campus Life - - you help make Chillicothe and IVC wonderful places to serve, work, and raise a family!”


The Bergman’s

 YFC Camp Garage Sale Time 

Spring cleaning time!  That means an opportunity to help IVC students get to YFC Camp while you declutter your home.  We will be hosting a fund raising garage sale, which in years past, has sent 3 students/year to camp.    We are looking for gently used items, kids clothing, toys, and yard & sports equipment.  We will gladly pick up.  Feel free to contact me with any questions … Rick 309-281-1081