Kylanne Briggs

For me Campus Life is an opportunity to be a part of God at work in young women's lives. 

My favorite part of Campus Life is when I'm in the kitchen eating snacks and a girl tells me about something going on in their lives.



Garrett Williamson

Helping out with Campus Life gives me the opportunity to spend time with students that are about the age I was when I realized God had a plan for me. I love to share how I came to that point and my experiences since then and hope they hear what I, and the other leaders have to say.

My favorite part of Campus Life is making students feel welcome. I remember being a student and attending a bunch of different youth groups and clubs of the sort and I remember having a completely different feeling of hospitality and welcomeness when I came to campus life, and I try to encourage the same atmosphere as a leader.




Josh Waldmeier

I help out with Campus Life because when I was lost God sent people through Campus life to help me find Him and it is a way for me to hopefully help someone else in the same situation.

My favorite part is likely the discussion groups. They are a very good way to learn more about the students we meet and to help them learn more about the love that Christ has for us.



Trevor Shields

I help out with Campus Life because one of the best ways to grow in your faith is to share your faith with others. It doesn't hurt that all the kids that come to Pekin Campus Life are a blast!

My favorite part of Campus Life is getting to spend quality time hanging out and talking about real problems that teenagers are going through.



Deene Milam

I help out with Campus Life because because most people make a choice at a very young age for Christ but as they grow older the odds dramatically decrease that they will. 

My favorite part of Campus Life are the group discussions.


Audri Lano

Helping out with Campus Life gives me a chance to continue to be apart of this amazing organization that helped me find Christ after I was a student who attended Campus Life. Campus Life is a great way to share how I found  Christ, my experiences in life, and how it's not a a easy road but it's worth it. I hope to have these students in my life for not only a lifetime but an eternity. 

My favorite part of Campus Life has to be the overall atmosphere. I love the feeling of being comfortable around the students as well as making every student feel that way about me. The laughs, talks and over eating on Oreos and Cheese Balls. Nothing is better than making someone feel so comfortable with you and earning their trust. Trust is something I love earning, and I hope to be apart of their story someday soon.