Summary of Tools

1 on 1

Some discussion points for 1 on 1’s. This generates an email to Rick.


Add to MailChimp

Add email addresses to any list. Be sure to add them to both ‘big list’ and the specific list.



An online ministry leader application. Cannot be used for interns. This generates an email to


Email Request

A form for request of any staff, intern, or anyone who might need an address. This generates and email to Rick.



Link to


New Fund

Use this form anytime you expect income, donations, fees or scholarships for a trip or event. It will help us clearly communicate to our volunteer depositors so there are no surprises. This generates and email to Cindy, Karen & Rick.


Project Serve

Project serve volunteers can pay their deposit or in full online here. 



We’ll send this to an applicants references. This will be handled by the person handling applications which currently isn’t decided.



Book vehicles, rooms, equipment, etc. Subscribe to the calendar using the “Calendar” link. This shows up in that calendar shortly after the form is submitted.



Generate Logos, Design Flyers, Cards, etc. You can send items to print or download them to print at the office.



Our blast text marketing service.