Parent Information - YFC Camp 2015


We want you to be totally comfortable sending your student to YFC Camp this year… with that, we want a very open line of communication between parents and leaders.  If you have any questions about anything, please let us know!



Carolina Point Young Life Camp

4000 Glady Fork Rd, Brevard, NC 28712

(828) 877-6233


Parents are encouraged to send care packages with snacks, notes, etc. to students - cabin leaders will be told if students receive any mail.  If there is an emergency, you can call the camp phone number and students will be able to contact parents.


When:   August 1st, 9pm - August  8th, 11pm


Departure:  We will be leaving from the Christian Center at 10pm on August 1st.  Please arrive by 9pm to register your student and to pay off any outstanding balance.  If your student has not turned in their signed health form, they will not be allowed to go on the trip.  


We encourage parents to drop students off so we don’t have a parking lot full of cars.  Since the Christian Center parking lot is used for other things throughout the week, we’ll ask any cars that are left there throughout the week to leave their keys in the unlikely situation that any cars need to be moved.


Christian Center Address:

4100 N. Brandywine Dr.

Peoria IL 61614


Arrival:  We will be returning from camp to the Christian Center late in the evening on August 8th - we’ll leave camp around 7am and will most likely get back into Peoria around 11pm.  We will have students call parents on the trip home to alert them when we will officially be back.


How:  We care greatly for the safety and comfort of students, therefore we are taking Peoria Charter Coach busses to YFC Camp.  We have requested the highest rated drivers in the company to ensure your students arrive home as safe as they left.  Students are free to bring snacks, iPods, cell phones, etc.  


Electronics: When we arrive at camp, all electronics will be collected and locked up in a safe place.  Students are allowed to use the camp phone, although they will need a prepaid card. Please communicate with your camper when/if you’d like to hear from them during camp.



The camp itself has little to no cellular service. In the event of an emergency please call the camp @ (828) 877-6233


During our time on the bus to and from Camp you can reach your camper on their phone or our leaders.