A note from our Executive Director

Before we talk YFC, I want you to know that I am a parent of teens.

Carol and I have 4 kids. Amy is no longer a teen and is married to Josh. They are the parents of Titus who is still a few years from his teen years. Wes has also left the teen-years and is married to Janelle. Our Jess is in college and Ben is in high school. We believe in teens. We enjoy teens. We think teens are awesome and are worth a huge investment of love, time, energy, counsel, tears, laughter, and prayer.

As you learn about YFC, I want you to know that we are about 2 things … Jesus and teens. We are thankful that you are checking out the stuff we do with teens! We want you to learn about how we do relational ministry.  We want the best for teens and we are committed to protecting them, challenging them, and pointing them to Jesus Christ.

We take trips, host events, conduct clubs, have Bible studies, eat pizza, have fun ... Well ... you get the idea.

Our Ministry Leaders, both paid and volunteer, can often be found around schools or other places where teens gather. We go near students. We build relationships and we walk with teens through these wonderful and often difficult years.

Thanks again for stopping by. If we can be of help to you, drop us a note.


                Dan Learned